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Warrior Necklace • Addiction Recovery • Survivor Gift • Polaris North Star Pendant • Strength • Encouragement • Cancer Divorce Single Mom Depression • Inspiration • Large Starburst Necklace

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Discover the strength and courage within with the Warrior Necklace. This inspirational Polaris North Star pendant is the perfect recovery and survivor gift. With its unique design, it continually reminds all wearers of the power and encouragement that comes from overcoming addiction, cancer, divorce, single parenthood, and depression. Be inspired with every glance!

Crafted from 14k gold or silver and adorned with a sparkling crystal starburst charm with a large center crystal, this intentional keepsake necklace is the perfect heartfelt gesture for any special occasion. Its timeless beauty will be cherished forever.


HIghest Quality Materials. Hypoallergenic and rash free!

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